About Us

Our mission at Jokelson Law Group is to maximize our clients’ results by delivering the highest level of professional service. We do this by creating a strategy for success, using our more than half-century of combined experience to navigate each matter to the best possible outcome.

Unlike other firms, we take a team approach to resolving each case in the best interests of our clients. Brothers David Jokelson and Derek Jokelson are both hands-on with each case, serving as each other’s sounding board as they strategize and move forward to a satisfactory conclusion. We are creative problem solvers who know what it takes to get the best outcome for our clients.


What Makes Us Different

For more than 25 years each, David Jokelson and Derek Jokelson have litigated a wide variety of complex civil litigation matters in both Pennsylvania State and Federal Courts. We often find value where others will not try. We listen carefully using a collaborative team approach to consider – and then aggressively pursue – the desired result. 

It’s understood that our results will dramatically impact people’s lives – either those of our clients or the public at large, and sometimes both – and we take that responsibility seriously. 

At Jokelson Law, we intentionally limit the number of cases we take on to focus our passion on each client’s matter. Our team is empathetic and we form strong bonds with our clients which drives our day-to-day efforts. And it shows in our proven history of outstanding results.   

What distinguishes Jokelson Law from other firms is our recognition that your matter is unique. And just as every case is different, we recognize there are multiple paths to success, and we will tailor our strategy to your unique case. Our team explores all options in a collaborative environment, utilizing creative and strategic methods. Not all firms are willing or interested in taking this 360-degree approach.

A Team Approach

When your case is accepted by Jokelson Law Group, you get more than a single attorney – you have a team on your side: two attorneys and three support staff. All members of the team become closely involved with every case. 

Indeed, our clients tell us what they like best about working with us is the peace-of-mind they get knowing that they’ll speak with someone knowledgeable about their case at every interaction.

Communication is Key

At Jokelson Law Group, you are not just another case number. We get to know every client, and address your case with empathy and compassion. We do not over-promise. We review your case together, to ensure you understand the process, the complexities, and the timeline.

Extensive Expertise

Our team is agile and sharp, working strategically to aggressively pursue the best result for each client. Whether your situation involves catastrophic injury, medical/professional malpractice, fraud, sexual misconduct/harassment, business partnership disputes or other complex litigation, we’d like to hear about it.

Jokelson Law handles cases in Pennsylvania and Federal Courts. Contact us today to review your case.